2022 USCHA

USCHA is on! Find out more about our decision to proceed with USCHA.


Update on Puerto Rico Convention Center Vaccine Policy

Starting October 1, the Puerto Rican government will require that everyone aged 50 and over have a second booster to enter the Convention Center. If this group does not have the second booster, they can also submit a negative antigen or PCR test performed by a health professional no more than 48 hours after completion. Home tests will not be accepted. This will be checked at the doors to the Convention Center.

Those under 50 should be fully vaccinated and have had a booster shot if their last shot was six months ago or more.

USCHA is less than two months away and we are ready to reconvene, reconnect and renew our commitment to ending the epidemic.  The conference will feature over 120 institutes, workshops and posters addressing issues in biomedical HIV prevention, aging, service delivery and telehealth, prioritizing the issues of PLHIV and the next steps in Ending the Epidemic.  We’re also pleased to offer an increased number of workshops that will receive simultaneous Spanish interpretation.  Check the agenda page for the list of sessions.

For those who may need motorized scooters at USCHA, the Puerto Rico Convention Center uses this company:

Medway PR
Rental is $75-$95 per day
This rent includes tax, delivery and pick up.

Plenary Sessions

All plenary sessions include lunch and take place 11:30 am – 1:30 pm each day.

Saturday, October 8

HIV in Puerto Rico and Latinx Communities (presented in Spanish; English interpretation will be available)

The 2022 Opening Plenary will highlight HIV in Puerto Rico and Latinx communities with a focus on gay men.  To end the HIV epidemic by 2030, NMAC believes our movement needs to not only understand, but also celebrate the cultures of the communities hardest hit by HIV. Latinx Gay men have surpassed White Gay men in the number of new cases of HIV. They are second in numbers only to Black Gay men. This plenary will be in Spanish with simultaneous English interpretation.  The session will give attendees an immersive experience of the culture, music and food of Puerto Rico.


A photo of the Puerto Rico Convention Center from the front of the building.

Sunday, October 9

Celebrating the Art of La Brega to Help End the HIV Epidemic (presented by Gilead)

“La Brega” loosely translates to “the hustle” or “the struggle.” It speaks to the tenacity and ingenuity that the Puerto Rican people demonstrate when responding to life’s challenges. La Brega expresses a sense of solidarity and pride in the way Puerto Ricans face and overcome adversity. While there have been significant obstacles since the beginning of the HIV epidemic, the community continues to persevere and lead the way toward a better future. Even with the unprecedented challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the HIV community has responded with characteristic determination and innovation. Join us for a plenary luncheon celebrating La Brega and the unwavering resolve of the HIV community to help bring about the end of the HIV epidemic.


Monday, October 10

Love In Gravity presented by ViiV Healthcare

The love we have. The love we give. The love we hold. Love In Gravity is six original stories featuring some of your favorite actors like Robin de Jesús, Harvey Guillén, Jessica Marie Garcia, Jason Genao and Wilson Cruz, set everywhere from the halls of a Miami high school to a six train barreling through the Bronx. It’s all about the forces we exert on each other that draw us together and sometimes push us apart.

Join us as we take you on a journey and give you a glimpse of Love in Gravity; a collection of six original stories from the gay and queer Latinx and Afro-Latinx community. Stories of love, heartbreak, intimacy, and family – the places we can find each other, the places we find ourselves.


Tuesday, October 11

The Federal Response to the Emergence of Monkeypox

During this plenary, leaders will discuss the federal response and give recommendations on the role of the HIV Community in the fight against Monkeypox.

Health Requirements for USCHA

It’s not an easy time to host an in-person conference, particularly with 3,000 people attending! Between COVID and Monkeypox, we have some challenges to make sure that USCHA attendees stay healthy.

All attendees will be required to be fully vaccinated AND boosted for COVID. No exceptions or waivers. We will not accept negative tests in lieu of vaccination. You will be asked to verify your vaccinations. We will send out more information on the method to upload vaccine credentials as we get closer to USCHA.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

USCHA will not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. We thank them for allowing us to provide scholarships, meals and support all of the logistics necessary to produce a great conference experience. Make sure to visit their booths in the exhibit hall.




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