2020 USCHA

Welcome to the 2020 United States Conference on HIV/AIDS!

Like many other organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic required that we pivot to create a safe space to meet. We’re glad that you are joining us as we produce our first virtual conference.

There are obvious differences when compared to having an in-person event, but there are some items that remain the same.

  • Workshops and Plenary Sessions: Skills building has remained at the forefront of USCHA’s mission. Panelists and presenters have worked hard to present and record quality content for workshops and plenary sessions.
  • Exhibit Hall: The virtual exhibit hall will feature exhibitors that have been represented at USCHA for years. They look forward to inviting you into their digital space to chat about their programs;
  • Networking: Make sure to engage with fellow conference attendees by using the Chat function at the bottom of the screen after logging in to the platform. Additionally, visit the virtual lounges for important discussions, programming and health/wellness information. Use and look out for the #2020USCHA hashtag on all of your social media platforms.

Please read below for information to help you prepare for the USCHA virtual conference.

Pre-registered conference log-in information:

  1. Go to https://vevents.virtualtradeshowhosting.com/event/USConferenceonHIVAIDS
  2. Enter your email address in the already registered section;
  3. Click the red login box to enter the virtual conference platform;

View the 2020 USCHA conference agenda

Contact the Conferences Department via email at conferences@nmac.org for any assistance.

Thank you,

NMAC’s Conferences Department

Introduction to Virtual USCHA

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3